• 2022-01-12
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I love you selfishly, but I will not be close to you, nor can I snuggle up to you. Because you are the God in my heart, you are my soul! I want to protect you!


You are like a fire in winter. You don't dare to get close to me. You don't dare to burn you. You don't dare to stay too far away. You are afraid to feel lonely and cold!


In any case, as long as my love you can live safely, I have nothing to ask for.


Listen to me and don't solve the problem; don't dictate; don't agree or disagree. Just listen and face me.


Look forward to every time the stars fill the sky. But it's a fantasy. Day by day haggard, this irretrievable point when to move days, when to move, when to move you!


In thousands of years, in thousands of people, in the boundless wilderness of time, no earlier, no later, just met you!


My previous life may have been a bird. If you are a bird, then I am also a bird.


Your figure appears in front of my eyes more and more frequently. Gradually, it is like breathing, and it doesn't stop for a second, which makes me have a bad meal and sleep.


May I be a firecracker, and the joy of cracking add a smile to your face; may I be a lantern, and the flickering fire reflects your fortune and warms your heart!


Is the child paper waiting for someone's good night when it's so late.


I know that! But I can't help it. This marriage is arranged by heaven. Let's follow the will of heaven!


If the cup is full of water, another drop will flow out. It's better to pour it all out. Let the cup and water have a new experience. Maybe this time, it won't flow out until eternity!


You are smart, I am stupid; you are beautiful, I am rustic; you smell, I am drunk; you are angry, I am angry. Everything is only for your satisfaction.


I am reluctant to bully people, how can I let others bully?


The pulse is like spring water. A quick knife is hard to cut. No matter how hard I try, I can't get the smile out of my heart.


With the sun, the earth turns, with the earth and the moon, with the moon and stars, the world is so rich and romantic.


I long for love, a person's smile is printed in the eyes of two people, a tear is tasted by two. If this life predestined by fate, I would like to use a switch of sincerity.


When I think back to the days when we were together, I can't help but feel heartache. Didn't it ever say don't separate? How can you bear to leave me alone like this!


Missing is like a river flowing to the sea and my heart.


In fact, the people who always care about you are right beside you. Don't you find out?


The craziest thing in my life is to fall in love with you. The best hope is to have you with me for a crazy life.


Colorful hyacinth, shaking my first love. Your bright eyes ignited the passion of my youth.


Because I know I can't live without you, so I will cherish it more.


Seeing you at the first sight, I know what love at first sight is. From then on, I will take good care of you all my life. I wish you happy every day and bright forever.


I'm reluctant to delete your information, your smiling face I can't forget, your truth I know, I don't want you to hear my heartbeat!


I say for my silence, I don't say for me; I walk away for my return, I come back for me to walk away. True water should have no fragrance, so true love should have no language.


After drinking the wine of love you brewed, if you don't renew it, you will be thirsty for a lifetime.


I want to erase you from my memory, but I always can't help thinking of you: every moment in my dream, every minute when I wake up.


Without you, my sky is less a color; without you, my world is more a kind of missing.


It's a kind of fate to meet you, a kind of beauty to love you, and a kind of happiness to be with you. I'd like to be with you forever.


Love, originally wine, drunk when drinking; missing, originally sea, easily drowned me; you, originally a flower, already quietly opened in my heart.


In the wind and rain of Acacia, we hold hands and sing again, let my Acacia, with the wind floating to your heart, this rain is my tears for you. I miss you.


When he watched the TV game, he brought him some peanuts and popcorn, plus some beer and ice cream.


Allow me to build a beautiful house in your heart. Don't pay attention to what others say is illegal construction.


I don't know when to start, I have learned to rely on.


There is clear water on the other side of the mountain and clear road on the other side of the water. People can forget it clearly, but I will not give up. I prefer to let the mountain fall, the road go rugged and let people go.


Waiting for your return, let me burn with enthusiasm.


Please don't stick to your silence, don't wait for it. May the sail of my love sail into the harbor of your heart.


Unplug the TV tonight. Don't turn on the TV. Turn me on.


Red flowers, green leaves and big apples, I don't want to die one day. You are a lamp of my previous life, illuminating the second half of my life.


In fact, it's not difficult to cross that road. It depends on who is waiting for you.


I will build your happiness, give in to your stubbornness, and make up for your confusion.


One of the real tests of love and endurance is to put my cold feet in your arms and heat them in bed.


Romance is a cloud that is free and easy, while reality is a land that carries life. Both, especially the reality that can stand.


You are a fairy in a fairy tale, giving me the fragrance of life, giving me the spring of life.


I would like to become a blind man, I don't want to see anything, but just want to see you, my eyes as long as you can see enough.


In the blink of your eyes, I will die. In the blink of your eyes, I will live again. In the blink of your eyes, I will die.


Leave the purse tied by the thin thread on the street, and pull the thread in the dark. Once you come to pick up the purse, suddenly drag it away with you!


There is no desert in the world. Every time I think of you, God will drop a grain of sand, and then there will be Sahara!


I am the salt in your dish. Without me, everything will lose its flavor. I am your sun in winter, popsicle in summer, umbrella in cloudy day.